Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures is a Rooster Teeth Productions segment aired on their weekly Podcast every Tuesday evening. The video is subsequently uploaded to their Youtube channel the following day.


The Rooster Teeth Staff in the podcast give a brief story describing some of the hijinks that have been going on around the office, travels, or home life. Such recollections include: physical torment, hilarious coincidences, and embarassing moments. Each segment is animated by Jordan Cwierz in a simple, somewhat messy style.


Episode Name Description Upload Date Link
San Diego Geoff Ramsey and Gus Sorola talk about rude plane ride passengers September 28, 2011 [1]
Statue Burnie Burns talks about how a town in Tasmania (a state in Australia) wants his website, until Gus messes with it. September 30, 2011 [2]
Lightning Geoff recalls an embarassing trucker encounter in a storm September 30, 2011 [3]
Headlight Fluid Gavin Free talks about a stunt driver he knew, and hilarity ensues with "Headlight Fluid" September 30, 2011 [4]
Expert Parent This episode shows you what happens when you have a father that loves tricking people, his daughter, a bear, and a toilet. September 30, 2011 [5]
Omnibus #1 Geoff and Gus recount airplane tales. Then, Geoff explains a hilarious situation involving stereotypes, not long before a phone interrupts the podcast, among other tales September 30, 2011 [6]
Omnibus #2 In this Animated Adventure, Geoff, Gus, and Burnie tell stories about "stranger" danger, hot sauce, and sibling shenanigans September 30, 2011 [7]
New Orleans pt. 1 Geoff recalls a time where he and a drunk Griffon Ramsey were in New Orleans September, 30, 2011 [8]
New Orleans pt 2 The conclusion to Geoff's and Griffon's shenanigans in New Orleans September 30, 2011 [9]
Omnibus #3 Burnie, Gus, and Geoff recount tales of the video game convention and horse farm September 30, 2011 [10]
Double Derps Geoff recalls a situation where they encountered two menu and technologically challenged people at a restaurant September 30, 2011 [11]
Shakedowns and Breakdowns After recalling a story where Millie Ramsey threatened her mother, Geoff and Gus recall a story of two rule-shirking girls on a plane. Then Joel Heyman gets all economic in the podcast September 30, 2011 [12]
Party of the Dead The RT staff take you to an industry party then summoned the dead in this episode October 5, 2011 [13]
Joel Hates Snakes Joel explains his fear of snakes October 12, 2012 [14]
Gus Anesthesia Gus explains what happens when you mix him with Anesthesia from surgery October 19, 2011 [15]
Kara's Exciting Day As Kara Eberle takes time deciding on her favorite part of her job, the rest of the crew retell hilarious tales October 26, 2011 [16]
Fun With Earthquakes The crew tells a story about wanting to be in an earthquake November 2, 2011 [17]
Gus vs. Machete Man Gus recalls an encounter with a murderous, machete weilding madman after throwing rocks onto a field November 9, 2011 [18]
Burnie Fights Animals Burnie boasts about his confidence in fighting deadly animals November 16, 2011 [19]
Shamu Plane and Naked Joel Joel tells more stories about killer whaleplanes and an awkward hospital incident November 23, 2011 [20]
Burnie and Joel's Bathroom Encounter Burnie makes Joel's showering experience much more uncomfortable November 30, 2011 [21]
Burnie Burns Horse Puncher Introducing the latest hero, Burnie Burns the Horse Puncher December 6, 2011 [22]
Brandon and the Electric Fence Burnie tries to trick Brandon Farmahini into touching an electrically charged wire December 14, 2011 [23]
Cookies and Hobos Gus and Geoff explain how Girl Scouts and puppies can guilt people into buying their stuff, but not hobos December 21, 2011 [24]
Michael Meets a Drug Dealer Michael Jones tells of his time running into a drug dealer/pimp named Kevin December 28, 2011 [25]
Award for Drink Ordering The crew thinks of ways they can mess with an awards ceremony, then Gus mocks the way Chris Demairis orders drinks January 4, 2012 [26]
Robot Future Toys Joel, Burnie, Geoff, and Jack Pattillo argueover names, then Burnie makes fun of his wife January 11, 2012 [27]
Dishwashers and Bad Fliers Burnie recounts bad appliance salesman and nervous fliers January 17, 2012 [28]
Joel Meets a Panther Joel flashbacks to his Panther experience January 25, 2012 [29]
Left 4 Trek The crew explain how they could make a movie, then come up with apocalypse plans February 1, 2012 [30]
Disease Movie Theater Disease spread and failing theaters are discussed in this episode February 8, 2012 [31]
Weird Dreams & Shitty Jobs Gus talks about his odd dreams and crappy career choices February 15, 2012 [32]
Joel Goes Skydiving Joel tells about his time skydiving February 22, 2012 [33]
Five Signs of Death Matt Hullum talks about his roommate talking about The Five Signs of Death February 29, 2012 [34]
An Internet Conversation Burnie and Joel stage a more interesting conversation on the web March 7, 2012 [35]
Joel Versus Technology Joel isn't just technologically challenged when being Caboose, he's also technologically challenged in real life! March 14, 2012 [36]
Health Kick to the Balls Burnie and Gavin talk about grocery store diets and taking an egg to the knob March 21, 2012 [37]
Impressions & Fishing Joel impersonates Gus, then Geoff talks about his future hobby March 28, 2012 [38]
Google Mind Tricks Google and lawnmowers are somehow connected, then Monty Oum's work style is described, finally Gavin takes a crack at the mind over matter thing April 4, 2012 [39]
RTX-travaganza Joel, Burnie, and Kathleen Zuelch reminisice on the first ever RTX April 11, 2012 [40]
Mass Defect Gav, Gus, and Burnie talk about how Sheperd of Mass Effect 3 is a nobody despite his achievements April 18, 2012 [41]
The Dolphin Experiment Gus talks about an experiment on teaching dolphins how to speak human languages and the extent the lead scientist did to try to get to that point April 25, 2012 [42]
Resident A.I Michael defends Ashley's behavior in Resident Evil May 2, 2012 [43]
Brandon and Chris Move Furniture Brandon Farmahini and Chris successfully help Burnie move out---or not May 9, 2012 [44]
Dance Floor Fight Gus and Burnie shows what Michael does when other people flirt with his girlfriend, Lindsey Tuggey May 16, 2012 [45]
Signs and Shotguns Gus talks about Burnie's sleep abilities, then Burnie remembers panicking about leaving shotgun ammo at Geoff's house. May 23, 2012 [46]
Chris Stories In this Animated Adventure about Chris, Burnie talks about Chris's nut identification issues and conspiracy theories May 30, 2012 [47]
Drunk Burnie Burnie + Alcohol = Anything can happen June 6, 2012 [48]
Ice Cream Comic Con The guys descire Barbara Dunkelman's weird encounters at New York comic con June 13, 2012 [49]
Attack of the Burnies All of Burnie's Animated Adventure alter egos come back to haunt Burnie June 20, 2012 [50]
That's Sway-cist An almost racially charged failure of a news report at RT is covered June 27, 2012 [51]
Burnie & The Cup The reason why Burnie never finishes his soda is revealled July 4, 2012 [52]
Anarchist Cooking with Burnie Burnie's failed attempt at making a deadly weapon is told July 11, 2012 [53]
Four Hours of Dubstep Hipster Burnie Four hours of the big boss doing dubstep July 18, 2012 [54]
Episode 50 Behind the Scenes of Attack of the Burnies is shown July 16, 2012 [55]
Hotdog Planes and Planks Spy probes and food are discussed in this installation July 18, 2012 [56]
Co-Pilot Calamity A near-miss with calamity in an airplane is talked about July 25, 2012 [57]
My Blue Eyes Nerds never had a good relationship with liquid cement falling from the sky August 1, 2012 [58]
Lost Phone Karma Gavin lays on the guilt on Burnie for losing his phone, then karma comes back to bite Gav in the butt. August 8, 2012 [59]
OmniGus Everyone knows Gus! September 5, 2012 [60]
Gavin's Drunken Shenanigans Gavin gets drunk and his already high level of Gavin-ness (no better word for it) gets higher. August 22, 2012 [61]
Gus's Bathroom Encounter Creepy fanboys at a convention can create the most awkward situations August 15, 2012 [62]
Gavin Dong Gong Gavin has the most awkward bathroom encounters. Again Burnie is the culprit September 12, 2012 [63]
Drunk in the City Kara shows how good looks can help get drunk guys to safety September 19, 2012 [64]
Michael gets locked out Michael, Gavin, Kara, and a lock smith have to deal with a locked door and a super sleepy Lindsey September 26, 2012 [65]
Burnie Tales Burnie gives stories of his childhood and the reason why hospitals are scary October 3, 2012 [66]
Gavin has Brain Problems Gavin describes the various head injuries and conditions he picked up October 10, 2012 [67]
Bets & Flirts Gavin bets Michael money on whether he can drink BBQ sauce, then another drunk Gavin story comes up October 24, 2012 [68]
Burnie's Sleeper Power Burnie has the ability to sleep anytime and anywhere October 31, 2012 [69]
Raw Meat Lumps A weird meat dish from Europe is sampled by Burnie and Geoff, then some weird thugs beat down on the two November 14, 2012 [70]
More NYCC Stories Arm Wrestles and live Rage Quits are talked about in this installation November 7, 2012 [71]
Doctor Free Pants Gavin Gavin shows how incompentent he would be if he were a doctor, then a scarring experience for Kara is reenacted November 21, 2012 [72]
Gus Doesn't Want to Go to Vegas He just doesn't want to. November 28, 2012 [73]
Ray's Photo Bomb Ray Narvaez photo bombs a staff shoot! December 12, 2012 [74]
Grapes, Calls, & Storage Gavin comes up with a shirt idea, a phone interrupts a podcast, then containers are joked about December 5, 2012 [75]
Burnie's Drunk Touchdown Burnie gets drunk and scores a touchdown in a game December 19, 2012 [76]
Miles's Strip Club Predicament Miles Luna describes an odd encounter with the stripper Darque Chocolate December 26, 2012 [77]
Nice Carrot Sweat Burnie, Michael, Gavin, and Gus all take turns telling stories about carrots, corrosive sweat, nice Texans, and random stores Jan 2, 2013 [78]
Miles' Daring Party Escape The tale of Miles' panicked attempt to escape a party when the cops show up. Jan 9, 2013 [79]
For Whom the Bell Trolls Unraveling the mystery of Marshall's secret doorbell. Jan 16, 2013 [80]
Geoff's Vespa Crash The embarrassing story of how Geoff crashed a Vespa, then got insult added to injury. Jan 23, 2013 [81]
Donuts for Cake Miles' miserable evening takes a turn for the better when his drunk friend steals a birthday cake. Jan 30, 2013 [82]
Plane Stories A trilogy of plane-themed stories told by Geoff. Watch as Matt has trouble going through security, while Gus and Geoff question the integrity of their aircraft and have an awkward encounter with a pilot. Feb 6, 2013 [83]
Gus on Mars The tale of Gus taking a one-way trip to Mars just to spite Gavin, and what his life would be like on the Red Planet. Feb 13, 2013 [84]
Headphones & Peeing The start of a futile saga wherein Gus tries to get Gavin to wear his headphones the right way, then Burnie gets a rude text, and Gus pees in public and almost lands on the registered sex offender list. Feb 20, 2013 [85]
Homeless Depot We find Geoff having an awkward encounter with a person he assumed worked at Home Depot, Gus' anger over Gavin's headphones grows, and Marshall's stint of office-living comes to a morbid end. Feb 27, 2013 [86]
Gus' Rooftop Rat How a mysterious "crunking" noise coming from the wall baits Gus into an encounter with a rat living inside his house. Also, Gus tries to cope as the "backwards headphone plague" spreads to other members of the podcast. Mar 6, 2013 [87]
Big Noses & Little Sisters The origins of Gavin's giant nose and the problems having a schnoz like his can cause when falling. Then, Kara messes up Gus' playtime in true little sister fashion. Mar 13, 2013 [88]
Gus Hates Interns Gus has awkward encounters with Lindsay and Miles back when they were lowly interns and undeserving of his attention. Mar 20, 2013 [89]
Lucid Bear Dreams After realizing he's in a lucid dream, Gav gets a little carried away with his super powers. Then, Burnie tries to teach him how to survive a bear encounter. And finally, we have the idiotic conclusion to the headphone saga! Mar 27, 2013 [90]
Dan vs. Food Burnie and Gav retelling the tale of Dan 'the Man" Gruchy's difficulties understanding how menus work and the awkward restaurant interactions it creates. #DanTheMan Apr 3, 2013 [91]
More Plane Stories Two more plane stories, featuring an overly dramatic woman who won't settled for a gluten-full meal, and a plane with suspect mechanical integrity. Make sure your chair is in the upright and locked position, and prepare for HILARITY! Apr 10, 2013 [92]
Drunk Burnie Returns Drunk Burnie returns! This time, Burnie is at a PAX East party and has too much to drink, then proceeds to make false toasts at a company dinner, then later, takes it upon himself to kick people out of another party. Apr 17, 2013 [93]
Lost Not Found Burnie tells the story of Geoff allegedly losing a check two seconds after he handed to him, and how that trait reminds him of his son, who also loses stuff all the time. Apr 24, 2013 [94]
Stinky Fools Burnie demonstrates the perfect way to diffuse the termination of an employee as he fires Gavin on April Fool's Day, Joel playing with his cardboard friends again, and Gus contemplating the stench of the past. May 1, 2013 [95]
Brandon Explains Magnets Brandon explains to Gus how magnets work after a discussion about the iPhone's compass, and Gus plays along to see just how much Brandon actually doesn't know about science. Spoiler alert: it's a lot. May 8, 2013 [96]
Mean Squirrels & Blind People Gus talks about a mean squirrel in his yard who used to bully him whenever he'd walk outside, and Miles ditches a blind homeless man in the middle of a conversation because he's a scumbag. Then Lindsay shares an awkward experience she had with a blind person as well. May 15, 2013 [97]
Barbara Pun-kelman A pun-tacular pun-travaganza! Featuring some of Barbara's most groan-inducing puns from throughout the years. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the PUNishment. May 22, 2013 [98]
Famous Asteroid Gus regales the crew with a tale from when he was dating Esther and she didn't believe him to be a real internet celebrity, and Burnie discovers the perfect way to destroy Joel's happiest moment. May 29, 2013 [99]
The Podcast King 100th Episode, King Gus quests to find his misplaced crown before the podcast peons revolt. Jun 5, 2013 [100]
Gav's Creeper Parents Gav's Minecraft encounter with a couple of chummy creepers, whom he suspects may be his parents. Jun 12, 2013 [101]
Gus' Squirrelly Situation The mean squirrel tormenting Gus' life returns. This time, the squirrel acquires a special taste of Gus' nuts. No, not that kind of nut. Jun 19, 2013 [102]
More Burnie Tales More stories from Burnie, including the time Jason pulled a prank on him in the middle of a filmmaking panel, more tortuous his older brother did to him, and an encounter with an asshole in Austin. So much Burnie! Jun 26, 2013 [103]
Geoff vs. Porch Geoff recalls fights from his past, specifically the time he tried to fight a man named Porch. That's right, his name was Porch. Jul 3, 2013 [104]
El Pizza Bandido All about Ray's pizza treachery. Both he and Gavin order a pizza while watching a movie and when Ray mistakenly takes Gav's pizza thinking it's his, he refuses to admit it. Jul 10, 2013 [105]
The Best of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Collection of some of the best parts of the animated series. Jul 17, 2013 [106]
The Podcast King Outtakes Hilarious alternate takes and deleted dialogue from the 100th RTAA, "The Podcast King." Hold on to your platypus, because these clips will knock your socks off! Jul 17, 2013 [107]
Drunk Detective Miles One of the stories from the gang's trip to Las Vegas. Kyle gets drunk and someone misplaces his bag full of worldly possessions, so it's up to Drunk Detective Miles to track it down! Jul 24, 2013 [108]
The Original LOLcats Burnie ponders how future cultures will look back on contemporary society, leading him to wonder if ancient Egyptians really did revere cats, or if they also thought they were really funny. Jul 31, 2013 [109]
Gavin's Secret Admirer Gavin tells a story of when the chef from a cooking show he was filming fell in love with him and he failed to pick up on the signs. Aug 7, 2013 [110]
Burnie Fights the Sun Burnie tells a couple of stories, ranging from his highs and lows in fights, to another trick his cruel brother played on him, this time involving treasure and the sun. Aug 14, 2013 [111]
New Phone, Bad Store RTAA Omnibus action! Burnie doesn't know what to do without his phone, Gus yells at Burnie because he doesn't know how to use his phone, and Miles got tired of dealing with people at his bad grocery store job. Aug 21, 2013 [112]
Kyle Becomes Wolverine Miles tells the story of when Kyle got drunk on his 21st birthday, spat on the floor, and thought he was Wolverine. Aug 28, 2013 [113]